The concept of AAMANTRAN AGRITOURISM Farm is thought and developed by 3 generations together.
Shri Shahikant Jadhav the owner AAMANTRAN AGRI TOURISM farm has inspired by his late father Shri Sawleram Jadhav. Shri Shashikant Jadhav had vision in his mind that agriculture should be land of gold which he got from his late father. Shri Shahikant’s father hobby was to collect extinct and rare natural herbs and this habit is continued by Shri Shashikant Jadhav.

Now Anand Shashikant Jadhav son of Mr.Shahsikant Jadhav and science student has also joined Aamantran Agritourism with his father. Anand is taking efforts to bring different medical herbs to farm. It was his idea to launch website so that Aamantran Agritourism will reach to too many people.
And one more family member Mrs. Kavita Shahikant Jadhav is playing key role in Aamantran Agri tourism farm. She has the food responsibility and always ensures that people get same taste everyday for every item. And after having dinner or lunch at Aamantran everybody gives her special thanks to her.

By careful and accurate planning, continuous and consistent effort Mr. Shashikant Jadhav now has successful collection of 50 types of 600 fruit plants, Nakshtravan (the garden which gives you energy and positive thoughts based on Indian Vedic culture), many varieties of Herbal Plants (to prepare medicines), Spices and Vegetables which are not hybrid nor contains pesticides. They are 100 percent Natural.

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