Agritourism is nothing but enjoying holidays in different way by visiting working farm & study farm activities along with lot of enjoyment. In our farm, you can enjoy with variety of activities. Also get knowledge of different types of farming in actual farm tour.

Bullock Cart Ride

Traditional bullock-cart ride is an attraction for all the city and foreign tourists. We are providing an unforgettable and exciting experience to both young and old alike.

Tractor Ride

The tractor rides our little guests can go on are every time highlights of the holiday at the Amantran Agritourism. It is very excited and enjoyable for all adults and children.

Making Bhakri

Making bhakari on chulha is exiting experience. Making Bhakari and bake it on a fire of chulha is a traditional and old concept of cooking. We are giving this village experience to our tourist.

Farm Tour

Planting, farm watering and harvesting is a main attraction to peoples who don’t know about farm. We are giving this incredible experience by handling farm equipment’s.


We all know zopala (Swing), we see and play at garden. But tree swings can provide years of fun, enjoyment and it is unique experience. We give you this priceless fun.

Cereals Grinding

Cereals grinding is an old method of grain granulation. Using two round and flat stone done these process of grinding. We show how to work it and the tourists are directly involved in it.

Masala Grinding

In the old days methods of grinding spices are different. Before electric blenders, the spices were painstakingly ground manually. By using two stone call as “Pata and Varvanta”.